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I Hate This Company With A Passion!

No Wonder The Other Review Gave Them A One (1) Star Rating As Well!

I have been severely harassed and tormented by Ruben s Jr. and Fernando M. who are both mentally disturbed agents who work for this company.

They both have been illegally inundating ME with their Unwanted and Unsolicited Junk Mail, even though I have sent out numerous letters asking them to Put a Stop to it at once!

Furthermore, they have both Refused to Comply with Ceasing And Desisting that I just recently filed a Small Claims Action Against Both of them in which they were both served at their place of business.

I am hoping that by going to court that this will Put An End To Their Harassment!

I do Not psychologically understand Why they would continue to Torture ME if I am NEVER going to do business with them and HATE THEM so much!

They must have mental problems or mental illness or be so Desperate For Work cause nobody wants them!


Enclosed, in the attachments, please find copies of back and forth documentation between ME and their company executives and their office for your reference and further review.

Thank you. but, No Thanks...

Do Yourselves A Big Favor!

Get Lost!

Get A Real Life!

Say No To Drugs!

HOWARDSHORE1970 wrote the review because of "they won't stop sending me their unsolicited and unwanted junk mail for several years!" at Century 21 and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2499 and wants Century 21 to "to cease and desist and stop sending me your junk mail and do not contact me again, ever!".

The most disappointing in user's experience was ignored me, did not abide by my wishes, sends me tons of junk mail and unsolicited mail for years and does not know when to give up. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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You say words like torture, mentally ill, all because they sent you advertisements on a mailing list? You have no perspective..

Yes it's annoying and I'm glad someone calls these spammers out but, you are going WAY overboard....You sound absolutely miserable. Check your CVS review.

to Anonymous #1171737

I have the same problem as this guy only 100 times worse and its referred to as Cyber-Stalking/Harassment which is a continuous form of Mental Abuse. Unless you have ever experienced it, you should probaly mind your own business!

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